my cinematography work

Feminine, Masculine and Head (2020)

My final piece at university that I wrote, directed and starred in. A short surreal spoken word piece about life and gender and everything.

the dollhouse (2020)

An extremely short animation that I shot at the end of my second year in uni right at the start of the covid-19 pandemic. This was intended more as an experiment in technique than as anything coherent so the story is all over the place.

cat movie (2020)

A movie I made about my blind cat. The song is for the echoes (為了回聲) by Yow

black cat and white cat (2020)

Another short animation that I made more as a test than anything else, hence why I never bothered making a soundtrack.

nippon (2019)

A travel documentary I filmed while on holiday with my boyfriend. I ended up giving up halfway through the trip because I felt as though none of the footage I was taking would come together. In the end I was extremely happy with how it came out and wish I had filmed more.

tape to release the mind (2019)

A follow up film to an installation piece that I made as part of my uni course. This film and the installation piece were inspired by the game 'reciever' and the weird cassette tapes that you have to collect.

no more no more nothing (2019)

A more linear followup to 'how to spill the bagov'. Filmed during my first year studying at Screenology.

how to spill the bagov (2018)

A mock informational video on how to protect against a fictional virus.

sum of my parts (2017)

A film I made for bristol's festival of the mind. I rate parts of my body based on how much they feel like they belong to me.

die to デス (2016)

The final piece I made for my art foundation course. Ultimately I feel this piece is extremely lazy. But I forgive my younger self because this way a very difficult year for me.